Day and Night by Truelab

Truelab has been around since 2016, bringing together a gamified casino on its own high-tech platform. She works with a new generation game provider and an affiliate program. The studio has a renewed professional team that is diverse and talented. All employees are creative and passionate people. The company develops many video slots and other RNG games. Another achievement of the company is the receipt of the MGA license in 2019. Truelab releases games with advanced graphics, various rewards, and unique mechanics. All games have a set of promotional tools and HTLM5 support.

Day and Night review


The player will go on a mystical journey through Ancient Egypt. He will witness the dispute between two gods: the fiery Ra and the furious Bastet, who rule over a clear day and a dark night. They take over and abandon the reels, making huge profits and losses. There is a struggle between them, which gives the player excitement and a surge of strength, the desire to win and make a profit with the highest rate. The game as a whole is fascinating and will attract gamblers with its innovative approaches. The Day and Night bonus game will pleasantly surprise the user, subject to all the rules and careful study of the menu: After the victory of one of the gods, the player will be awarded the Wild reel:

if the god Ra wins cleanly on 6 reels, the gambler gets 10 daily spins. Each turn of the coils gives from 1 to 10 characters;

if all 6 reels get Bastet, 10 night spins are granted and Wilds turn sticky. This is a 6×4 reel slot. Filled with 20 paylines, with an intriguing feature set. They provide the user with additional rewards, an unforgettable gaming experience and experience. The game will not leave indifferent even the most inveterate gamblers, will give a decent dose of adrenaline and a good mood. RTP Day and Night —96.38%. Volatility ranges from medium to low, and most importantly, the maximum win is 12,500 times the stake. Bets start at € 0.2 and cannot exceed € 280.


The game turns into an eternal dispute between the deities of day and night. The coil can only belong to one god. The daytime reels are ruled by the powerful Ra, and the nighttime – by the fearless Bastet. The game starts in a balanced day-night position. The reel called Day cannot fit between the reels of the Night, and that in turn cannot get to the reels of Day. Wilds of the god Ra are found only on the reels of the Day, and the jokers of the goddess Bastet are on the reels of the Night. In the event that Ra Wilds are leading in numbers, then the day side gets a reel from the night, making it wild. When the night goddess rules over the jokers, she captures the reel, turning it into wild symbols. If the wild sun god suddenly hits the last reel and Bastet Wıld does not fall on the side of the night, then the side of the day captures two reels next door, turning them into Wilds. The same situation is with the night side in relation to Ra.

Day and Night Free Spins: How to Win

The player needs to remember that there is no replay when starting daily spins. After collecting 6 reels, the god Ra will give 10 spins of the day. Each spin gives from 1–24 wild symbols. Jokers do not overlap each other in any way, but can be placed on the reels. The same situation is with the night spins from Bastet – they do not start again. Upon receiving 6 reels, the goddess gives 10 spins with sticky jokers. A small review of Day and Night provided subtleties and some nuances of the gameplay, making it easier for a new user to study the pay table and the essence of the game in Day and Night. The mechanism of the main and bonus games is simple and straightforward, it remains to start the reels and wait for a happy chance.