Man drowns in famous fountain in front of Bellagio Casino

online casinoOne of Vegas’ most popular attractions has become the scene of one man’s death. Police say that on Friday, July 24, a man jumped into the fountain in front of the Bellagio Casino and tried to swim to the middle. However, he began to sink. An onlooker tried to save him, but couldn’t. By the time police and firefighters arrived, the man was already dead.  

So far, police do not know why the man decided to do this. All we know is that he was talking to tourists before jumping into the fountain. What exactly caused his death is still unknown. Perhaps the man overestimated his strength, maybe caught on something. The incident happened on Friday at 10 am. The fountains were not working at that time. According to official data, the length of the fountain is more than 300 meters. The depth of the fountain varies in different parts from 4 feet to 13, which is about 122 to 396 cm. According to some reports, it is shallowest in the part that is adjacent to the boulevard and the closer directly to the fountains, the deeper it is. On average, however, the pool is 8 feet, 244 centimeters deep.