Online Casino Good to Nature

If an Online Casino is noticing that things on this world needs to change … I think it’s not looking too good for the blue planet. Well at least they are doing something.

As part of the pledge to balance our CO² emission, we’ve introduced a variety of eco-friendly provisions into Casino Del Rio’s operations that move us closer towards our goal of reaching a 100% carbon-neutral status. First off, we’ve remodeled our facilities to include design features that help monitor energy-wastage as well as an extensive recycling program.

Eco-gaming – Sounds good, but what does it mean?

We’ve taken our expertise and proven track record of success in the field of online gambling and given it an ecological twist. While Casino Del Rio still provides a top of the line gaming experience, several new features have been added:

1) The site has been redesigned to reflect our eco-friendly orientation,
2) We pledge to plant one tree for every new Casino Del Rio player,
3) We’ve partnered with the non-profit organization NGG to promote and support their environmental activities.